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 Martha and Blair’s Story

          A Journey To Love: 

   Martha and Blair’s Story from their wedding celebration

We are so happy to share our wedding day celebration with you.  

We also would like to share some of our journey which brings us 

to this special day.  


We had our strokes in 1985 and 1989, (Martha and Blair 

respectively), which left us disabled but not discouraged.  We 

both went to our local Stroke Recovery Branches, where we 

found support from others in similar situations.  There was also 

a club that met in the evening, with mostly younger survivors 



It was at the Young Adults Stroke Recovery Branch (of The 

Stroke Recovery Association of  BC) where they met and became 

good friends right away.  They both had 'significant others' in 

their lives and thus their relationship grew into a no-pressure 

friendship.  This friendship also existed outside of the club as 

they would see each other at camps like Naramata as well as the 

Stroke Recovery annual general meetings.  When Blair moved to 

his house in Delta in 1991 and he attended fewer meetings 

downtown, they still kept in touch. 

It wasn't until they both went to the Squamish Easter Camp in 

1999 that either of them entertained the idea of something more 

in their relationship.  Martha had just lost her partner a few 

months earlier and found Blair to be a compassionate and 

patient listener.   Two years later, they started dating with no 

intention of  changing their bachelor status.  Their lives were very 

full with numerous activities and mini 'un-honeymoons' so 

getting married was far from their minds.  Needless to say, 

Martha was quite surprised when Blair proposed marriage in 

October 2006.  Obviously she accepted or we wouldn't all be 

here today! 


And that brings us to today's celebration.  Our lives have 

changed and grown more fulfilling since making the 

commitment to be married.  We draw great strength from 

one  another.  We support each other, and have learned to live 

and enjoy life each day.  We choose to dance..... together. 

               Martha and Blair’s Story