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 Gratitude from 2016 sponsored camper

I was asked to pass on this letter as a Thank you to SRABC for awarding subsidy, I believe through the Phyllis Delaney fund.

Hello Debbie,

This is what I learnt,appreciated,and accomplished in the four days of having the priviledge of being accepted for the camp.
- showing up early and prepared not going the day before to find the meeting spot.
 - greeting everyone I met and began to focus to remember names and faces.
 - went right into action to be aware of my limitations.
  - reognized there was a good 50 people
 - first time doing arts and crafts; started and finished an origami eagle not perfect, but completed it as best as I was able all by my self
- danced in the " line dance ", haven't danced since 1983 from my head injury or my stroke in 2009.
- worked on a puzzle by helping with pieces along side the other puzzlers
 - made an " Easter Bonnet " and joined in on the showing , comments in my favor.
- finished each night with a camp fire and joined in with the singalongs.
- when looking at the largest group photo of everyone there reognized each of their faces and 16 of their names
 - walked in the AM with 4 others and exchanged names and numbers for other gatherings when home.
 - at home have tried my best to reconnect with others on email.
- when at camp Debbie Chow arranged for 2 different facilitators
;1- for advanced care planning and a will.   
           2-the "Strive" spokesperson for brain damage and stroke survivors.
-From being informed I now reognize exchanging conversation with the group at camp, sharing info is huge. I'm very grateful for the opportunity.
- learnt to join groups to give myself the nug to learn and experience more.
- appreciated the family members with their eagerness to ask questions of how I had worked thru my difficult challenges,them telling me how they worked thru theirs with
 their stroke survivor.
- now I am able to tell you I'm aware that my confidence and self-esteem shot up; with this I went to  the Brain Health Fair while there I met a young scientist that is working on her practicum  when time to   go we exchanged names and numbers and invited her to come to my Templeton group location to facilitate  for the group members.

When I look back at my experience it's brought me pure happiness, more curiousity, great relief, awareness I've actually met people exactly like myself, incouragement to self, more self love, more self respect,uplifting spirituality.My list of how much I gained is like my gratitude, completely over flowing. 

Thank You, Mr. Tim Readman

*(Approved SRABC subsidy)