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 Campfire Reviews ....from our survey
**This first item wasn't meant to be a review. I put it here since it portrays the sentiments of a keen camper who was one of the first TurtleTalk members dedicated to Easter Camp. She has always been a supportive contributer toward what we now proudly call    B.L.A.S.T. - "Building Life After Stroke Together" 
 Dear Deb,
 unfortunately I will not be able to attend  B L A S T  at Easter time.  But because I feel so strongly about camp and all the enjoyable times  and years I spent there I am  making   a donation of $200.00. Who should I make it out to??  and it will go in the mail very soon.!! I hope everyone has a 'blast'  at  camp and I would love to get any photos, and a report about all your great times!!
Sometimes we all need a little getaway, I do work but if it was in the summer (I'm off all summer or a long weekend) no problem. Even if it was during any other time of the year and not so far to travel I would take time off and go. We need to keep in touch with each other and talk to one other as I found that was the best way of reviving ourselves to cope in this world. At camp we get all kinds of strokers with different problems and we always find one stroker that has  similar problems to cope with as me. It certainly helped me alot, now I'm willing to volunteer where I can.


I attended Easter Retreat several times as a companion for my mother who joined the Stroke Recovery Association South Delta Branch as a caregiver for my father. I learned so much from these weekends and was inspired by the strength and determination of the members. I made some lasting friends and looked forward to spending the next camp catching up on the year just past. I hope that the Retreat can be revitalized in such a way that I can be a part of it. Thanks.


I am passing this e-mail on because I feel this is something important and beneficial to all those who work with, or are themselves effected by a stroke. Stroke Retreat Camp is the opportunity to get away by attending a camp designed for those who have been effected and to which care givers are also welcomed. 
In the last 7 years I have been to at least ten retreats held at Squamish Easter Camp, Naramata but mostly Bowen Island's Rivendell.  Each programme offered an excellent variety of activities, great food and comradery.  It's a opportunity for a change of venue and a way to feel a new lease on life

My stroke was 6 years ago. I attended Blast camp the past 2 years and was planning on attending next Easter.  Health Services provide excellent emergency care and  initial rehabilitation. Groups like SRABC  and Heart and stroke Canada provide services geared to people coming out of health care.


BLAST is  a unique group where stroke survivors of all backgrounds and varying  levels  of physical and cognitive ability offer support  and companionship and is the only group committed to open ended support for stroke survivors  by stroke survivors. My stroke took away some vision and left me with mental fog and memory issues  Blast camp provided a safe and fun activity and filled a large hole in my life.  I understand your financial situation but hope you can find a way to allow us use of the camp in 2018 to allow us to find a replacement location for years to come.


Ray McDonald