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 Heather's Story
Easter Camp whats that? 
How can we go away to something like that?
 Heather's Story 
The more strokers talked to me about it  I became interested. If strokers in wheelchairs, walkers, and canes can go why can't I try it.  It has been our getaway for a little holiday as we are in the same boat.
I decided to go, but was very nervous to attend by myself.  I was walking O.K. by then.  I was one of the first people to get on the bus.  Another lady got on from a different club which was her first time too.  We made about 4 other stops to pick people up.
We had great volunteers on the bus that made us sing,  tell jokes, and just get to know each other.  Already I was amazed how much fun I was going to have.  By seeing others and how well they were doing brought back my confidence.  Why was I feeling so depressed before?
We had skits,  sing songs,  crafts,  swimming , nature walks,  auctions,  casino,  and exercises.  We played games (chair hockey, lawn bowling, thinking word games).  There were  guest speakers and a band to dance to.  It was up to the individual what you wanted to be involved in.  If people in wheelchairs could dance then we all could.
Us strokers understand that strokes are all different.  It brought us closer .  It gave us the opportunity to see how much fun we could have all together. It was so beneficial to me........
It gave back by self- worth, and it made me think differently.  It got me out of my depression and helped my coordination.   It brought back fun into my life and to make great friends that understand you.  
Gives me the chance to give back now.