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 Jose's Story

I suffered a stroke in 1989 while playing tennis. I was only 42 years old. After the stroke, I lost the use of my right side and cannot speak for almost three years.

My first time At the stroke survivor camp, My self esteem was low, cannot talk, but people were friendly and, it was like a weight lifted from my shoulder and for the first time in a long time after my stroke, I felt normal with other survivors.  There were other people like me who struggled with the same things I do.

Stroke camps helped stroke survivors build confidence and self esteem.  If it before my stroke, I really couldn't dance but after  stroke camp and seeing other stroke survivors dancing freely on the floor, with canes, on a wheelchair, dancing with Metro Swing Band playing, I tried and found out that I could dance.  We had a good time.

        We liked to play " Chair Hockey" and the ladies were sharpshooters.

Easter Sunday, we had an all denominations prayers, then the Easter Bunny came along distributing candies and chocolate eggs.  Sunday night we had a Casino Night, we gambled the chips they gave us.  Some lost and some won.  Right after the casino, was the auction, what auction it was. Some wanted the wine, they pooled their chips just to buy the wine.      Wow!

Monday, we parted and decided that the next year camp was only 12 months away!!!  and I'll be back.......

First time I went was in 1995 and I went back since then. Until, they cancelled it because not enough people wanted to go to camp.

Download more about Jose's stroke experience from Templeton Stroke Recovery. His newsletters, "Stroke Recoverer's Review are archived at and yes, he's our online producer too.    Check it out!   
"There is life after stroke" .....and he's living it.